June 22, 2007

This will revolutionalize the way I garden (maybe)

I’m going to xeriscape my front yard!  I’m thoroughly excited about it & hopefully this enthusiasm will last awhile, because it’s probably not something I can do anytime soon (maybe next year?).  Maybe I can start applying some of the xeriscaping principals to my existing garden:

  1. Planning and design (this has not carried over into my yard beyond the garden plots)
  2. Practical lawn areas (this will require some investigation, but with a small yard, maybe the whole thing is practical)
  3. Efficient irrigation (does the rain barrel count?)
  4. Soil improvement (imminent with the compost decomposing as we speak)
  5. Use of mulches (well, the pine tree mulch we got for free last January seems to be working okay in the front yard, I guess)
  6. Low water demand plants (hmm…)
  7. Good maintenance (more weeding!  especially in the front yard)
Hooray for xeriscaping!
June 18, 2007
June 11, 2007


My Yelp Review of Timo got Review of the Day on Saturday! How did that happen? Wow! I guess I’d like to thank the Academy and my mom.

June 3, 2007

Linksys Tech Help Man is Toast

Now I have a mission. My mission is to make Linksys dude #32964’s life miserable. How is it that you can a perfectly reasonable tech help session with someone one week, then call back a week or so later and not not get good help but not get help at all. This week, Linksys decided that they can’t even talk to me because my warranty has expired. And they can’t let me talk to a supervisor and they can’t give me a phone number to call to talk to customer service. Oh, that’s nice. Real nice.

In the meantime, I figured it all out, because I’m a rockstar and all, but honestly, Linksys will rue the day. No, really. Rue it.

May 29, 2007

Eight Random Things

  1. Caracol is one of my favorite words.  It’s Spanish for snail.  Say it.  It’s great.
  2. We installed a water barrel this spring and it’s the best thing that every happened to water.  It seems more precious now and I freak out if it overflows or leaks. 
  3. I have lived with the following ferrets: Cooter, Putney, Satchel and Button.
  4. My husband and I eloped to Burlington, Vermont in January.  We picked Burlington in large part because of the Magic Hat Brewery.
  5. I drive a 3-door Yaris, possibly the cutest car currently available in the US (soon to be usurped by the Smart, and rightfully so)
  6. Even though I’m originally from a suburb of Boston, I do not have an accent and I never did.  I used to absolutely hate the Boston accent, but now that I’m in the midwest I’m kinda nostalgic for it and “lapse” if I’m drinking with my mom or my sister.  I do regularly use “wicked” as intensifier, though.
  7. I really really love the movie The Untouchables.
  8. Now that I’m not taking online classes any more I hardly ever download new music. 
April 27, 2007
April 13, 2007
Well, you know what they say: It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian.
Well, that’s what Chris Singleton says….
March 26, 2007